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Chalk Paint™

Chalk Paint™ by Annie Sloan

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We are very proud to be stockists of Chalk Paint™ decorative paint by Annie Sloan. Described by many as “the best paint in the world” once you try it we’re sure you will agree! Annie Sloan (who is considered an expert in the world of decorative paint) developed Chalk Paint™ over 20 years ago so it has been tried and tested for some time. Chalk Paint™ is so special for a number of reasons:

  1. There is no need to prepare the surface before painting. No sanding, priming or undercoating
  2. Chalk Paint™ can be painted on almost any surface, inside and out
  3. It is very low VOC and has no fumes
  4. It can be diluted to create a colour wash or left with the lid off to thicken
  5. The paints can be mixed so that you can create your very own unique colours
  6. It dries very quickly so you can finish your project on the same day you started it
  7. Available in 32 colours.

Femme de Brocante has the following Annie Sloan products available:

  • Chalk Paint™ (946ml) $69
  • Chalk Paint™ Test Pots (118ml) $25
  • Clear Wax (500ml) $49
  • Dark Wax (500ml) $49
  • Lacquer (1 litre) $85
  • Craqueleur Step 1 $39
  • Craqueleur Step 2 $39
  • Round Paint Brushes: Small $45, Medium $65, Large $85
  • Flat Paint Brushes: Small $25, Large $35
  • Paint Chart $4

View the ChalkPaint colour swatch PDF and choose your favourite colours

Buy from our online store now or for more information regarding Chalk Paint™ please call us on 03-310 7635, email or visit and

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